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Flawless Fingernails

I don’t know about you, but bubbles and bumps in my fingernail polish really bothers me! It happens so easily, too! It seems like all it takes is applying one coat of polish, and bam! Already messed up, before I even lift the brush. That is, that happened until I learned the right way to paint my nails.

Before you even open up that bottle of nail polish, there are a few things you’ll need to do. How long have you had it? If it’s been a year or two, you should head to the store to pick up a new bottle, because that can really mess up your paint job. Now set your fresh new color aside for a minute and head to the bathroom.

Each time you paint your fingernails, you should first make sure your nails are clean and smooth. Wash them gently with soap and water, and then file down the rough edges. Now it’s time to paint! Remember to shake your bottle a bit before beginning, and always make sure there isn’t any dry bits and pieces around the top that will get into your pain job via the brush.

In one or two soft, gentle strokes, fill each nail up lightly with color. Don’t put too much, no mater how tempting it is! You’ll go over it once or twice more, so you don’t have to worry about not having enough color. Let them dry completely now. I know, it’s tough! Watching a movie definitely passes the time though. When they are completely dry, you can shake your bottle up again and do another layer. Repeat as necessary.

Ta-da! Your nails should be perfectly smooth and beautiful. The hard part now though, is making sure you don’t chip them. Try adding a clear top coat to reduce the chipping! It really works!

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