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Oily Hair Fix

We all know that washing your hair every day is bad for it, but what should we be doing when the day after you wash it your roots look oily and unappealing? Moments like that make us want to head to the shower. Try to resist this urge! Instead, you can break out the baby powder.

Take a small amount in your hand and pat it onto your roots. Now take out a comb and comb it through. The oils will help the powder blend into your hair, and the powder will gradually become invisible. This is much less stressing on your hair, but it won’t last forever. Sadly, there is no amazing miracle cure for second day oily hair! Still, the powder can work small miracles for a tight schedule.

Just remember to not fall back on this every time! Natural oils are healthy for your hair, so taking them away can actually damage your beautiful locks. In fact, naturally oily hair does not always look bad! It looks, well, normal! So if you can skip the powder, go for it.

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