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Looking like the Stars

When award season rolls around, everyone wants to look just like their favorite celebrity after seeing them on the red carpet. They have all the glamor down perfectly. The beautiful outfit, perfect hair, gorgeous makeup, and probably a cute purse to match! Sometimes emulating them can prove to be extremely hard and really expensive.

If you have a party coming up, and you want to look exactly like your favorite celeb, look at a few photos of the look you like. Now break it down into parts. What is it exactly that you like?

If you like the color of their outfit, don’t stress about finding a dress or outfit in a similar style. Just go for that color you liked so much. For example, if Anne Hathaway wore a gorgeous red dress and you liked it for the shade, try another style of dress in that same stunning red. The same thing goes for any accessories! Sometimes focusing on one element like this can really help you turn out a great lookalike style without all the cost.

As for hair and makeup, don’t worry about dying your hair. Do you really want to change your hair color just for one party? Instead, why not just try to recreate how they had it styled? Play with your hair and see what works for you, while still keeping the feeling of that celebrity in the back of your mind. Makeup is the same way! Use their basic color palette, but add your own touches to it.

Stars are great for inspiration, but in the end, to look like a star yourself, always make their looks your own.

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