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Makeup Tips to Brighten Blues Eyes

Blue-eyed beauties have been looked up to for decades.  If you’ve been blessed with blue eyes, don’t take that for granted.  Make the most of it.  Most of us think that eye shadow in icy pinks are the way to go, but shades of pink and coral can often make the whites of your eyes look bloodshot or yellowed.  Broaden your horizons and think about some complimentary eyeshadow colors that can help your blues eyes POP!

To highlight those vibrant blue peepers, try some warmer colors.  Eye-shadows in sun-kissed shades of brown, gold, and taupe will increase the impact of your eyes.  For the nighttime, try mixing dark shades of turquoise, fuchsia, and even blue itself with black eyeliner.  The darker framework will make the light of your eyes really stand out!

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