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Makeup Tips to look Younger

Young and Simple.  Who wouldn’t like to look a little younger?  To create the illusion of youth for your eyes, go with a much simpler eye make-up approach.  Start by lining the upper and lower lashes a bit heavier than normal and then smudge to create a soft, shadowy effect.  Keep the eye shadow simple by using a highlight color with a little shimmer to it like gold or silver.  Only apply the eye shadow to the middle section of the lids and then spend some time blending the soft color outward.

To finish off this youthful look, apply a couple of coats of lengthening mascara to the top lashes only.  Experiment with some of the new shimmery products on the market today like mascara with “diamond” dust or shimmering effects.  To open the eyes up a bit more and enhance the youthful, doe-eyed look, apply a small amount of white or silver eye shadow to the innermost corners of the eye and blend slightly.

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