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Makeup Tips for Brown-eyed Girls

Those with deep, dark brown eyes have the freedom to enjoy, experiment, and enliven their eyes with all most any eye shadow color.  A spectrum of shades will enhance your eye color, so have fun trying them on!

To create some extra impact, give deep purples and navy blue colors a try instead of the usual black eye liner or mascara.  Contrast is the key to making your eyes stand out, so let go of the brown eye shadows that mimic your natural eye color.  Shades of mocha and cappuccino with a bit of shimmer will really stand out against your brown eyes.

However, just because you have the option to use every color in the rainbow, doesn’t necessarily mean you should.  Brown-eyed girls should take their skin tone into consideration when choosing eye shadow colors.  Talk with a color expert to find out what colors go best with your skin tone and then experiment away with all of the shade choices available to you.

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