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Skin Care Tips 101

No matter what products you use or believe in, nothing is more beautiful than well-cared for skin.  Taking better care of your skin and knowing which products are right for your age and skin type are two of the most essential steps in looking and feeling beautiful.  Quality products don’t have to cost a fortune and great skin care shouldn’t break the bank.

Spend some time researching products you think might meet your needs.  Advice from the beauty counter specialists is free, so spend a little time chatting with them.  Keep in mind that well-hydrated skin will soften the look of fine lines and hydration comes from both inside and out.  Increasing your water intake by just a glass or two a day can create a noticeable difference in no time.

When choosing products for your skin, remember that serums will penetrate more deeply than lotions or creams.  Look for anti-aging products that have a higher concentration of active wrinkle-fighting ingredients, are lightweight, and contain the vitamins and antioxidants needed to repair some of the environmental damage you’ve already endured.

A hint of mint will not only make you feel refreshed, but will help your skin if you are prone to oiliness.  If you are struggling with blackheads and larger pores, try rubbing lemon juice over the areas with the most visible blackheads right before going to sleep at night.  The citric acid will dissolve the oils in the blackheads and after a few nights you should see significantly less spots.  Whatever skin care route you choose to take, consistency is key.  Your skin is your largest organ and deserves daily TLC.

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