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Beauty Tips Go Natural!

All of us possess a natural beauty.  Some of us just take a little more effort to enhance it certain days.

To create a natural yet striking look for your eyes, start by applying a bronze eye shadow over the entire lid to the brow bone.  Once you have your bronze base down, go back over the area with a color that complements your eye color.  The bronze eye shadow will create warm, golden undertones that create a naturally flattering look for all of us.

Choosing eye shadows that are natural and light will help this look, but don’t feel limited to those colors.  Apply an eye liner that is just a shade or two darker than the eye shadow color you have chosen.  Be sure to smudge the eye liner just a bit to soften the look.  There is nothing natural about hard lines.  Finish with two coats of volumizing mascara that matches the eye liner, but only on the top lashes.

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