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Tips for Beautiful Hair Styles

Popular hairstyles come and go, but classy never goes out of style.  To create the perfect frame your face, try any of these classic, yet popular looks.

Face Flattering – This is a great look for loosely textured and a well-defined part.  Start by parting the hair while it is still damp.  Align the part with the peak of the eyebrow arch to highlight cheekbones and eyes.  Blow-dry ends with a round brush alternating with flipping out and flipping under.  Finish with a light pomade to add subtle shine.

Sexy but not Stuffy – Start by parting hair into larger sections while damp and rolling with Velcro (or your favorite non-heated) rollers.  Blow dry.  Remove the rollers and gently shake out the hair to loosen the curls.  Finish with a light-hold hairspray.  If bangs need a little more flip, use a curling iron to complete the desired look.

Girl Next Door – Begin by spritzing damp hair with extra-hold hairspray.  Wrap medium-sized sections around rollers.  Blow dry and then remove rollers.  Allow the hair to part in its natural place or part in the middle.  Shake out gently.

Slightly Tousled – To keep hair healthy and smooth, apply a small amount of conditioner to the ends of hair before blow drying.  Next, apply mousse and wrap one-inch sections around a medium-barreled curling iron from the root to the tip.  Secure each curl to the scalp with a bobby pin.  Using a flexible hold hairspray, coat pinned curls lightly and let set 20 minutes.  After removing the bobby pins, let hair fall at its natural part and finger comb gently.

Naturally Curly – For naturally curly hair, start by creating your own hair product by mixing equal parts of curl cream/enhancer, light-hold gel, leave-in conditioner and pomade.  For an easy every day look, apply this specially made hair product to damp curls.  Blow dry with a diffuser or allow to air dry.

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