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Beauty Tips for Body Shape/Clothing

With the changing seasons comes the time to change up your wardrobe.  Updating the clothes in your closet can sometimes feel a bit daunting, so try to find versatile individual pieces that work with your style & body type.  This season, go for a look that is feminine yet powerful.  As you are trying on new looks, remember to dress for your body style:

Pear-shaped – Add width to your top to balance your bottom by choosing wide scoop necklines, large lapels, exaggerated shoulders, and fitted torsos.  Streamlined pants can help lengthen your legs but avoid low-rise pants, pocket, pleats, or other details in the hip area.

Triangle-shaped – Show off your fit limbs and trim tummy by picking tops and jackets that are tailored through the middle with moderate V-neck lines.  Flowing skirts just below your knees will show off just enough leg.  Avoid tops with high scoop necks or ruffles, pockets, beading, or buttons on the chest area.

Apple-shaped – Choose tops with deep V-necklines to accentuate your collarbones and cleavage.  Empire waists will help you create one where it may not already exist.  Soft gathers, especially diagonal ones, are flattering, but stay away from fitted, button-front tops.

Rectangle-shaped – Show off your long legs, arms and torso by choosing daring shapes, skirts with paper-bag waists, peplum jackets & wide-leg trousers.  Use some super-feminine touches like lace, satin, & chiffon to give the illusion of curves. Steer clear of loose, boxy shapes and clothes that are ill-fitted.

No matter what style you choose, be sure that you are comfortable with your choices.  Just because a look is in, doesn’t mean that you will like it or feel good in it.  One of the most attractive things about anyone is someone who is confident and feels good with what they are wearing.

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