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Green Hair Isn’t Gorgeous

Gorgeous blondes are all too familiar with the dangers of summer and chlorine-treated swimming pools.  As beloved as Kermit the Frog may be, none of us are really dying to look like him. To help keep blonde locks from taking on the green tint of summer, use a cheap conditioner on the hair before taking a dip in the pool. During the process of bleaching or lightening hair, the cuticle layer of the hair has holes created in it and the chemicals used to clean pools settle into these holes giving hair look that greenish look.

By applying a little conditioner to dry hair before jumping in, the holes are filled and the chemicals kept out. This also works wonders on children’s hair too.  If the hair has already gone green, using a quality clarifying shampoo like Nexus Aloe Rid will bring it back to blonde in just one or two shampoos.

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