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Makeup Tips to Make Hands Look Young

Nothing can give away your age like your hands.  To keep hands looking healthy and young, apply the same daily SPF facial moisturizer to your hands in the morning.  Before bed, smear some of your favorite night cream on the backs of your hands as well.  To keep your fingernails healthy, soak them in lemon juice for about 10 minutes once a week.  This will help them stay stronger and brighter.  You will be amazed at how shiny they will look.

Well-manicured nails can also make your hands look great.  If you are among those who keep your nails painted, remember to give the polish the day off at least once month to help keep nails healthy.  On the days when you are sporting your favorite manicured color, carry around a bottle of clear polish.  You can apply a coat of clear polish every day or two to help keep your manicure chip-free and looking great longer.

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