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Smelling Good – Perfume and Body Scent Tips

A smell can linger in your memory forever.  We all have scents that we love and that make us feel good.  When you finally find a scent that fits your personality, your mood or the day, it feels great.  Keeping that scent throughout the day can often be a challenge though.

One trick to increase the staying power of your favorite smell is to layer the scents as you get ready.  Layering makes them last longer.  Start with a body wash (if you shower in the mornings) and follow that up with a body sprays or lotion.  There are also deodorants and antiperspirants on the market now with complementary scents.

When achieving the perfect scent for you, the choices are endless.  You can mix and match scents in a more creative way or be more traditional with same-scent combos.  As the day wears on, and your scent wears off, try spritzing a body mist behind your knees and on the wrists to help you feel refreshed and energized with that just starting the day feeling.

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1 Lola { 06.19.11 at 11:23 pm }

Great arcticle! behind the knees what a good idea, ill spray perfume there next time! Hey you know what I’m new to blogging and so I have no followers, i just want to tell ppl about my blog and then if they check my blog out I’ll do the same for them, so here it is.

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