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Hair-do Don’ts

Healthy hair is shiny and soft to the touch, but often in the process of creating the perfect hair-dos, we use a lot of hair-don’ts.  Always avoid styling products that contain alcohol.  The alcohol in many hairsprays and gels can dry out hair, leaving it dull and lifeless.   Once you’ve chosen a good (alcohol-free) product, keep it off the scalp.  Putting products like mousse, gel, and pomades on the scalp can clog the pores and lead to flake-causing build-up.

As you are creating the perfect style, remember that hot air can damage hair as well as heat-styling products.  Change the hair dryer setting to cool, especially if you are also using a straightener, curling iron, or hot rollers.  To speed up the drying process and keep the heat off of your hair as much as possible, try towel drying your hair and then doing the other things in your morning routine such as brushing teeth and applying body lotion as the hair has a chance to air dry.

Finishing any hairstyle with a leave-in treatment such as Redken’s Extreme is always a good idea and a win-win for your hair’s look and health.

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