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Basic Hair Care Tips

Often we get so caught up in creating the latest look or trying the “new” secrets to beautiful hair that the basics get lost along the way.  There are a reason these things are called “the basics” and practicing them will make hair all that more beautiful.

*Thoroughly wet hair before adding a quarter-size amount of shampoo and lather for less than a minute to avoid breakage.

*Rinsing with cool water seals in moisture.

*100 strokes of a brush will help distribute hair’s natural oils and keep the scalp healthy.  Be sure to flip the head over and brush back to front for at least half of those strokes.

*Use a comb to get tangles out of wet hair.  Using a brush will cause more breakage and do more damage than good.

*If hair has been recently colored, be sure to wait at least 48 hours before shampooing.  When hair is wet, the cuticle opens up and the color needs time to be sealed in to avoid fading.

*Coated rubber bands are a must to secure ponytails and the ends of braids.  They reduce the chances of breakage.

By remembering and following some of these tried and true basics, hair will be healthier, happier, and hotter!

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