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Hair Streaks and Extensions Tips

Brightly colored steaks are all the rage these days.  These are a fun and quirky way to express yourself and the look can often be achieved in a temporary way.  Normally, dark hair has to be bleached first and then colored for the vibrant colors to show.

There are some products on the market now such as Spiker colored gel and various hair sprays that can help you achieve the look without the bleaching.  Obviously, the process and intensity of the color is easier for those with lighter hair, but anyone can achieve the look.  The ‘at-home’ method involves using peroxide or a bleaching kit from the local drug store to strip the color from the hair (unless the hair is already a light blonde).  Any shade of Kool-aid can then be used to dye the hair and create the desired color streak.  There are also dyes at the local beauty supply store that can be used.

For the less adventurous or those who don’t want to make the full commitment, single extensions can be clipped into the hair and come in a rainbow selection of colors.  These extensions can be trimmed to match the hair’s length, but DO NOT use the curling iron on these locks because it isn’t real hair and will melt.  Even with the clipped-in version, the look is fun and cool!

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