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Volumize Your Hair and Makeup

Some people have it and some do not…hair with natural volume that is.  If you are among those who have been blessed with voluminous hair, congratulations!  On the other hand, if you haven’t and still crave volume, don’t despair.  It can still be achieved!  In addition to using volumizing shampoos and conditioners, there are also supplements that can be taken to help hair.

B-vitamins, zinc, and iron can help boost hair volume and growth and are the key ingredients that help prenatal vitamins seem to work so well.  During the styling process, creating the illusion of volume is also possible.  Try blow drying hair while bent over at the waist and flipping hair upside down.

Applying hairspray while flipped over this way will also help to volumize hair, but be sure to avoid putting a stiff layer of laquer on the top of the hair as it will weight it down and reduce the voluminous look.

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