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Designer Nails at Home

Love the look of designer nails but can’t afford the trips to the salon?  Not to worry, creating that artistic nail look can be done at home for a fraction of the cost.  Starting with nails that are clean, well-shaped and in good condition will make the look even better.

Trim nails so that they are all similar in length and shape.  Add a drop of cuticle oil to each nail and massage in before pushing cuticles back and trimming.  Every great artist starts with a smooth canvas.  Achieve the perfect nail canvas by applying two base coats.  Not only will this improve the final look, it will also help to strengthen the nails.

Allow both base coats to dry completely before creating the work of art.

Before starting this project, make sure to have all materials ready and an idea or technique in mind.  Materials don’t have to be expensive tools of the trade.  Everyday items like toothpicks and hair pins can be used to create polka-dots, swirls, letters and more.  Craft brushes also come in very handy for creating unique looks.  Spend some time in the nail care aisle to find polish pens and stencils to help create a fun look.  Be sure to have a pure acetone polish remover and cotton swabs on hand for eliminating any errors.

Once the materials are ready, start with simple designs, glitter, stickers or jewels.  More advanced techniques include blending colors and intricate designs with multiple colors.  Once you have created the desired look, apply a top coat.  To help maintain and protect your art, apply another top coat and a drop of cuticle oil every two to three days.  Whatever the look, be creative and have fun in the process!

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