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Expensive Treatments and Spa Services

Beauty treatments and makeup for celebrities may be out of your budget, but it’s still fun to think about what is really out there. With the average cost of spa massages ranging from $85-$140, more people are enjoying these special treatments from time to time.  Day spas and resort spas around the world offer the standard experiences of various massages, body wraps, aromatherapies, and acupressure at fairly reasonable costs.

However, there are some extra-special treatments out there for those who are really looking to indulge.  These treatments range from $500 for a six-hands stone massage in Hawaii to over $5000 for an Evian bath in South Beach that uses rose petals and 1000 bottles of Evian water.

Some of the more popular and luxurious treatments being offered to the rich and famous these days include facials with 24-carat gold dissolved in the mist that is gently massaged until absorbed and massages that use over $1 million dollars worth of diamonds.

If that financial commitment is beyond your wallet, there are some more reasonable alternatives that include beer or wine baths and massages at various breweries and wineries, caviar shampoo treatments, and white chocolate raspberry body wraps.  Whatever your budget, there is an indulgent moment waiting to be enjoyed.

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