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Hair Styling Beauty Secrets

Whatever look you are trying to achieve, here are some styling tips to help with the everyday styles that so many of us sport.

*To create an easy, wavy, natural look, gently use your fingers or a pick to untangle wet hair.  Add a small amount of anti-frizz or shine enhancing product and let hair air dry.

*Permed hair often requires a bit of perking up between shampoos or on the mornings when a full-styling session doesn’t fit the time constraints.  Start by lightly misting hair with water and then pushing curls into place with your fingers.  Keeping a spray bottle with water and a few drops of essential oil in your favorite scent will really kick up the overall effect of this quick fix.

*Pomade is the perfect product in a pinch.  It can be used (very sparingly) to remove static, control flyaways, or create a glossy shine to dull hair.  Always start pomade by gently rubbing between palms and applying to ends first.

*Once that beautiful braid is completely, finish the look by applying a little gel or pomade to the little loose hairs around the face and nape of the neck.  After smoothing on a little product, a hairpin can help hold things in place until dry.  These products can also be applied to damp hair before braiding to help keep everything in place.

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