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Stay-put Make up Secrets

Nothing is quite as frustrating as achieving the perfect look and then watching it fade throughout the day.  From eye liner to lip stick and everything in between seems to fall victim to midday smudging or fading.

If you find that your eyeliner and/or mascara smudges or runs halfway through the day, try reducing the amount of eye cream used in the mornings by half or leave a little space between where the eye cream is applied and where the eye makeup goes.

If your blush seems to disappear throughout the day, put a very thin layer of cream blush under your finishing powder and then top it off with a powder blush.

To keep lips in place and avoid feathering, always start with a lip liner.  Apply lip color, blot, lightly dust with face powder and finish with a gloss to add extra shine and moisture.

Trying these quick and easy tips will help keep that perfectly applied face in place all the live-long day.

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Laurel Smith