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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

For most, the hair on our heads is all we really want.  Desiring to remove unwanted hair on other areas of the body is an ever-growing industry.  There are several methods available to remove this unwanted hair, but very few of them will take care of the hair permanently or on the first try.  When looking into the options, be sure to select the method or combination of methods that is best for you depending on cost, time, skin-type and hair.

Threading is used in beauty clinics and mall kiosks for removing facial hair.  The results are similar to plucking and not permanent.

Waxing is done by applying a heated wax to the hair followed by a strip of waxing paper. Hair is then ripped out by the root.  Although this lasts longer than shaving, it can cause some discomfort and skin irritation.

Depilation is a process that uses chemicals to dissolve the hair.  This usually lasts as long as waxing but has the major side effect of skin irritation due to the chemicals melting away skin cells as well as the unwanted hair.

Electrolysis uses fine-gauge needles that are inserted into hair follicles.  Then an electric current is applied to the root, burning the hair root and stopping the production of more hair.  This procedure lasts longer than others, but requires repeated treatments up to 18 months to be a permanent solution.

Laser treatments are becoming more affordable thanks to newer and more cost-effective treatments being introduced.  Although this may currently be the most effective way to eliminate unwanted hair, it is not always permanent and not for everyone.  Those with light skin and dark hair will see the most benefit.  Laser hair removal works by emitting light at different wavelengths into the skin which normally targets the melanin.

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