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Smelling Good

Creating your own scent can be fun.  Whether you are trying to create a perfume, spritz, or lotion, spend some time exploring the different smells available to you and create something that is uniquely yours.  Everyone has their own preferences.  Smells bring back memories and emotions depending on how you associate them to things in your past.  Start somewhere with a scent that you like or that appeals to you.

If you’re not sure where to start, try sniffing essential oils at your local whole foods store.  If you find a place with a ‘scent bar’ take some note cards and spend some time mixing and matching the different smells that appeal to you.  When exploring scents, there are several categories to know:

Florals are usually the smell of a romantic.  These nodes can range from the delicate scent of violets and roses to the more exotic moonflowers to the more potent musk and sandalwood.

Fougere means ‘fern-like’ and is a popular category for men’s scents.  These smells are usually grassy and crisp, like pine.

Fruity smells create a warmer feeling when they pass the nose.  Citrus is among the lightest of the fruit smells while papaya and passion fruit tend to be stronger.

Orientals are better for evenings and cooler weather.  Scents like amber, clove and cinnamon fall into this category.

Oceanic is light and clean.  These smells include sea breezes and fresh air.

Woodsy (or chypre) is the perfect scent for the outdoorsy.  Patchouli and oakmoss are this category’s most popular.

Once you’ve decided on something you like, adding those oils to an all-natural lotion will create the perfect after-shower moisturizer just for you.

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