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Clumps Clumps Go Away – Mascara!

The first step in mascara application is to make sure there are no clumps on the wand before you even begin applying the product. Use a tissue to remove the excess mascara from the wand if necessary. Never, never pump the wand in and out of the tube.  Adding air to your mascara will cause it to dry out faster and clump easier.

To keep lashed from clumping, use a clean mascara wand after you’ve applied your mascara to take away the excess product and separate the lashes more completely. The best way to do this is to apply the mascara to the front of the lashes with your eyes open, then close your eyes and use the clean wand to go over the back of the lashes. Using a lash comb is also an option for removing clumps. Follow the same procedure, but use a lash comb instead of a clean wand. Always be sure to apply mascara at the base of the lashes first and then pull through to the tips.

Keep the wand going in a side to side motion (the shimmy) as you apply the product. If applying a second coat, which should only be done for special occasions or in the evenings, do it immediately after, the first coat is applied. Going over a dry coat of mascara will lead to more clumps and flaking. No one can carry clumps well, so be sure to take a few extra seconds for the proper, clump-free application.

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