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Eye Extravaganza

Here are a few do’s and don’ts for making the most out of those peepers. Whenever applying eye shadow, start with a foundation to help keep it in place. You won’t need expensive primers for this, just the regular concealer that you dot on those dark circles can also be dotted above your eye to create a stay-put canvas for color. Once color is applied, BLEND!! Don’t be afraid to blend a little longer than you think is necessary.

Color-blocked eye shadow is not a good look on anyone. Keep colors light at the top and darker on the lid. A touch of white eye shadow (using an eye shadow pencil makes this much easier and keeps the color off the bridge of your nose) will make eyes look brighter and wider. For those of us who are more experienced and may have a few lines that show it, shimmering shadows will highlight those life lines, so be careful. Not all of us care about hiding our wisdom though, so go ahead and give a gold shimmer a try.

Select eye colors that enhance your eye color, but remember that colors like taupe and light lavender can really be worn by the majority. For a more specific to you look, check out a color wheel and choose an eye shadow that falls opposite of your eye color, like purple for green, or gold for blue.  Remember to always have fun with your eye color and mix it up a bit from time to time.

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