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Any makeup is incomplete without a little attention to the eyes. A clever eye makeup not only makes you look like a million bucks, but also eliminates problem areas like thin lashes and dark circles. Eyeliners and false eyelashes accentuate the eyes and make it fuller. Big, small, wide, or hooded, these two pieces in your makeup kit can significantly add oodles of glamor to your look.

The one common concern many face is, what goes first – eyelash or the liner. Here are simple and easy-to-follow tips that will help you with this makeup mystery:

Invest in a good quality eyeliner –- liquid or pencil. While the former gives a clean finish, and is perfect if you have steady hands for application; the latter works well for beginners and for those who find it hard to finish with a clean line. Pick from solids or colors like green, blue, brown, silver, and so on depending on the occasion.

The other must-have is a pair of false eyelashes. Many leading brands offer a variety of shapes and colors to choose from, pick one that suits you the best. These eyelashes come with glue or you can scout local stores for ready-to-use variants.

If your false eyelash is wide, cut is slowly, one lash at a time. You can do the same to trim the length of the lashes. This will ensure that the lash looks natural and blended.

Follow it up with a gentle squeeze of glue on to the width of the band behind the eyelash, and spread it evenly. Don’t forget to wipe out the runny glue.

Now, pick the lash with tweezers and place it on your eye’s lash line. Don’t worry if you have not managed to get it right. Do it again, you will get better with practice. Once you have placed it, press and hold it for a few seconds till you’re sure it won’t come off. Use a mascara and comb out the lashes gently. This will blend the natural and false eyelashes and hold them together.

To finish the look, apply a soft coat of eyeliner to fill the gaps between the false lashes. Avoid applying a thick coat as this may reveal the false eyelash band. Draw a line along the outer rim of the eyelid. Try funky eyeliners or a winged eyeliner look to draw attention away from the false lashes.

The results are best when you follow these steps after a basic eye makeup. Now you are set to dazzle with a twinkle in your eyes!

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1 Txgirl { 01.01.12 at 12:38 am }

How come I always sign up for free make up samples I never get them?

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The samples are provided by the companies listed here. They often run out, or sometimes take a long long time. I usually get about half of them when I sign up. Often you have to confirm your email or information, so be sure you do that if they require it. It’s kind of like a fun surprise when they do show up!

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