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Neat & Nice Nails

Whether you are showing off a new ring or shaking hands with an acquaintance, well-groomed nails help improve the look of hands and make a better first impression. If nails have tiny white spots, called leukonychia, there really isn’t much you can do to get rid of them. These spots are usually caused by some trauma to the nail or nail bed. The best course of action is to let these grow out on their own and cover them with polish until they do. Even a fleshy pink color like those used in French manicures will reduce the appearance of the spots.

If your nails seem to be brittle and split often, try taking a daily biotin supplement. This will increase your vitamin B intake which will also improve the health of your hair…a bonus! Using a strengthener can also get the job done. A great and inexpensive product is Sally Hansen’s VitaSurge Strength Gel. Applying this product daily will add the extra vitamins to your nails that they are missing. Keeping hands and cuticles hydrated will also make nails smoother and less brittle. Be sure to moisturize every time you wash your hands and rub a little extra into the cuticles while you’re at it.

Nails that look yellow are usually stained due to lifestyle choices. If you smoke or wear dark polishes most of the times, your nails will look more yellowed. A short soak in some warm water and dish soap can brighten up the nails for a while, but using a more neutral polish and avoiding things that yellow the nails will keep the whiter and brighter longer. Going “au natural” for a couple days and allowing the nails to air after a good buffing will also improve their natural color.

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