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How to do Tuxedo Nails

Here is how to paint little tuxedos on your nails. These adorable tuxedo nails were painted by a 13 year old girl on herself. She did a great job!  It’s easy and your friends will love it.

Start with clean nails as usual by removing all old polish. File down any rough spots and smooth your nails to a length that works for you.  Start with a clear undercoat to protect your  nails from discoloring. Next, apply a nice neat layer of white nail polish. Use at least two coats.  When that is good and dry, use a small brush to add the black polish to your “tuxedo” nail tips.

In this photo, our model did the tips much like you would do french tips, only instead of white, they are black. You may choose to paint more of a V shape to look like a tuxedo jacket on your nails instead of this rounded look.  Finally, use a dotting tool to add the buttons and the bow.  Don’t forget a top coat of  clear polish to make them last!  Your nails have never looked cuter!

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