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Lazy-Day Hair Fixes

None of us feel like putting in the effort to look our best every day, but we also know that if we run errands with no make-up and that messy top-not of hair, we will run into every old boyfriend, neighbor, PTA member, coworker and family friend possible. In order to avoid those diverted eyes, try an easy hair fix that makes you look like you took some time before leaving the house…even though you didn’t.

  • Braid it! We learned how to braid when we were kids, but don’t think to do it often any more. Add a deep side part and braid the front hair along the hairline. Use a bobby pin to secure the braid behind your ear or sweep it back into a bun. Want to keep the bangs out and free? Create one large braid with all of your hair and twist it into a low bun. It takes five minutes, but is a classic look. Use a couple bobby pins to tame those wild pieces popping out for a cleaner look.
  • Run the blow-dryer through the hair for just a couple minutes and then run your favorite shine product through just the ends. The roots will dry as you drive, and you’ll look like you took the time to actually dry and style.

You are no longer a teenage cheerleader, so stop putting the ponytail on the top of your head! We all love the convenience of throwing our hair into a ponytail, but enough is enough. Pick up so interesting and fun large clips to use to pull your hair back at the base of your neck…it’s a ponytail in disguise! Or use clear or natural color ponytail holders to pull your hair back low and to the side.

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1 Hairy Mary { 02.14.12 at 10:22 pm }

I disagree with the ponytail on top. It is very slimming for rounder faces

Beauty Tips Editor
Laurel Smith