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Beauty Masks 101

Taking care of your face is the most essential part of any beauty regimen. Washing and moisturizing twice a day is a must no matter what makeup you wear, if any, but sometimes our faces need a little extra tender loving care. A great and inexpensive way to do that is with a mask.

Masks come in a wide variety of styles, ingredients, and benefits. Whether you prefer a peel-off or a wash-off mask, there are fantastic choices out there. A good place to start your sampling of masks is with the Montagne Jeunesse line of packets. Each packet has one or two applications, depending on the style, and is a convenient way to try and find out what works best for you. This line of masks can be found in the health and beauty section of any major grocery or drug store.

Almost all of the varieties promote an “anti-stress” quality, but let’s face it, if you apply the mask and actually sit back and are still for the ten to fifteen minutes of processing time, that’s a stress relief in and of itself. Some of the more popular styles are the chocolate mud mask, which will deep clean your pores; the mint mask, which will clean and tighten skin; and the clean-up mud, which will deep clean and reduce the appearance of pores. No matter the style you choose, take fifteen minutes every week to pamper yourself and your skin…you deserve it!

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