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Brighten, Lighten, & Glow – skin highlighter

Using a highlighter and a contour can really improve the glow of your skin, but trying a new make-up technique can seem a bit daunting. By placing a highlighter on the highest points of the face (cheekbones, bridge of nose, brow bone, and center of the chin) you can create extra dimensions to the face, which make a natural (non-surgical) lift look. A highlighter should be used in combination with a contour to keep the look natural and add more depth.

A matte bronzer makes a great contour while shimmering eye shadows in whites or creams make great (and inexpensive) highlighters. Using this shimmering shadow in the inner corners of the eye and along the brow bone will open up and brighten eyes. You can even sculpt your look by adding a highlighter down the top, center of your nose and then putting contour on the very tip and along the sides. Be sure to BLEND!! Harsh lines are only meant for the runway and don’t look great on most of us. By highlighting the tops of cheekbones and contouring the more shallow area below, you can create an instant lift for the entire face.

Again, be sure to blend in an upward motion working your way out to the hairline. Of course, highlighters can also be used all over, not just on the face. Try blending some in along the collarbone and down the décolletage to create an all-over glow.

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