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How to Fix Broken Makeup

We’ve all seen the very frustrating problem of broken makeup, such as eyeshadow, pressed powder, or blush.  Good news. Don’t throw it away — it can be fixed! Here’s how:

Empty the broken makeup into the corner of a plastic zip bag. Make sure to get all of it out. Then crush it into a fine powder and snip the corner of the bag to pour it back into the pan. You can skip the baggie step if you can crush it all to a powder while still in the makeup container.

Next, take an eyedropper (or a syringe or a small spray bottle) of rubbing alcohol. Add a drop at a time to the broken makeup powder and stir it with a toothpick until it becomes a thick paste. Then tap the container onto the table to level it out. You can also press the paste to get a nice shape again using a coin (or other flat object) wrapped in a paper towel or cloth . The alcohol will evaporate and leave your makeup solid again.

Make the makeup and beauty products you already have last longer. A penny saved is a penny earned.  It’s practically like getting free stuff.

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