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Lip Stain vs. Stick

A great look cannot be achieved without some well-defined, moisturized and luscious-looking lips. With so many options available now, how does one choose? The biggest battle seems to be between the tried and true lipsticks and the newly marketed lip stains. Understanding the differences as well as the pros and cons of each can help you make the right decision for your pucker.

The main difference between sticks and stains are the ingredients and how those ingredients affect your lips and your look. Lip sticks contain oils, waxes, and more often than not, emollients that help moisturize, heal and protect the lips. Lip stains on the other hand are water based and contain dyes, some synthetic and some natural. Although some stains may contain plant or mineral oils, they don’t do much for the moisture content of lips. In fact, most stains contain alcohol which can have a drying effect if not applied correctly. The benefit of the water and alcohol combination that lip stain offers is that it lasts much longer, won’t smudge and isn’t likely to create that feathery look that lip stick will achieve without a proper lip liner.

Another difference is the variety of colors that both the stick and the stain offer. Since lip stick has been around almost 100 years, the color palette is seemingly endless. You can find natural hues in pinks and browns as well as show-stopping reds, blues, and purples. You can even find black, green and yellow these days. Lip stains on the other hand are intended to create a more natural appearance and often use natural dyes which lend themselves to more natural shades of pink, peach, tan, and reds. Decide on the look and staying power that best suits your needs before deciding on a either a stick or a stain.

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