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Must-Know Makeup Tricks

Some people just seem to have a knack for flawless makeup application. It doesn’t seem to matter where they are or how they apply it, the makeup always looks natural and beautiful. Then there are those of us who could spend hours and hours trying, but never get it quite right. Whether you’re a makeup whiz or a makeup ditz, try some of these foolproof methods for a successful makeup application.

*Start with a smooth and natural canvas by applying a lightweight liquid or mousse foundation, then blend it with a quality brush for a much more natural look. The brush will remove any streaks and help create a smoother finish.

*Always BLEND with a good makeup brush. Whether it is foundation, powder, blush or eye shadow, blend using small circles until you think it’s natural looking and blended. Then blend just a little bit more.

*Without a steady hand, eyeliner can get a bit dangerous. If you want to line the eyes, try using your mascara at the very, very base of the lashes and giving it a little extra wiggle with the application.

*Lips can be lined to help create a shape and look you want, but no one really wants to look like cartoon with the outline of lips. Never use a sharply sharpened liner; always dull the tip for a softer and more natural line. Fill in the outlined area lightly with the same liner, top with a lipstick or gloss, dust with face powder and then apply a second coat of lipstick or gloss for a flawless and stay-put finish.

*Never use your fingers for applying makeup. Those oily digits will break down the makeup faster, smear and smudge without warning, and leave streaks that will take longer to blend. There are a myriad of choices for inexpensive brushes and utensils out there that will make a big difference in your look.

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