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Rainbow Colored Braces

Need some beauty tips for beautiful braces?  (for you or that teen girl in your life!)  What color should you get your bands when you go to the orthodontist?  Here’s a great idea — ask the orthodontist technician if she could give you rainbow colored bands for your braces!

Be very specific or bring in a picture because sometimes they do not quite get it right.  One time the tech mixed up the colors and randomly applied them. This wasn’t the rainbow effect we were looking for.  So, be sure to ask that the bands be attached in the correct order of colors, and that the bottom ones match exactly. If you click the photo at the left, you’ll get a larger one that you can print and take with you.

Or bring in a list of colors in this order: Start with Red, orange,  yellow, green, blue, navy blue, and purple.  And if you need more, then maybe black and finally one more red for a bit of color at the end.  Repeat the colors to match on the bottom.  Your friends will LOVE your new rainbow design! Talk about a bright smile!

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