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Tweezer Tips

Unwanted hair just seems to keep popping up! Whether you are trying to tame those eyebrows or eliminate some unsightly whiskers, tweezing can be a great method. The first step to successful tweezing is a quality pair of tweezers that you like. Some people prefer a slanted tip while others like a sharp point.

Some great brands to check out include Revlon, Tweezerman, and Sephora.  Once you have your trusty tool picked out, wash your face with warm water. Even take a few extra moments to relax by holding the warm washcloth to your face and taking a few deep breaths. Not only will you relax, but so will the follicles which will help to remove the hairs. If you can’t handle the pain, try using a product like Gigi’s Anesthetic Numbing Spray which is available on Amazon. Remember not to spray near your face. Put some on a cotton swab or cotton ball and then apply to the face. Gently pull the skin area to be tweezed taught, grab the hair near the base, but be careful not to pinch the skin.

Always pull hair in the direction that it grows to prevent breaking and leaving a short hair that can’t be removed. Using a magnified mirror can make seeing the hairs easier, but remember that hairs are magnified now and not everything needs to go. Pluck with discretion. No one should have to paint on eyebrows after plucking. When finished, applying an aloe-based lotion will reduce any redness. Plucking regularly, whether weekly or monthly will help to make this step in your beauty regime easier and faster.

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