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Being truly beautiful is the result of being truly happy and healthy. Once you embrace the idea of taking better care of yourself, you will find that being beautiful becomes a lot easier and is noticed much more frequently by others. All good beauty regimes should begin with quality beauty rest. Make those sacrifices and reschedule your life so that eight hours a night are devoted to beauty rest. Then wake up and say goodbye to those dark under-eye circles and puffiness.

These next two points seem contrary, but they’re not…really. Avoid touching your face as much as possible throughout the day. Don’t rest your chin on your hand, run your fingers across your forehead and through your hair, or do anything else that puts those oily hands and fingers near that beauty face. This also means no picking at that pimple that is taunting you relentlessly. Dab on some acne treatment two or three times a day and it’ll be gone in no time! At night, after your nightly cleansing of the face AND hands, use your moisturizer and do a gently acupressure facial massage. By doing 10-15 strokes in those wrinkle-prone areas such as around the mouth, eyes and forehead, skin will be naturally more firm.

Finally, reduce the stress that life brings…yeah, right! Being overstressed leads to exhaustion which leads to dull, lifeless and often acne-prone skin. Try to reduce your workload by just ten minutes a day, add five minutes of yoga first thing in the morning and last things at night, or just breathe deeper for two minutes of every hour. These simple things will allow your body and mind to relax and reduce stress in tremendous ways, and that will lead to a much more beautiful you!

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