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A Smile to Stop Traffic

Without a doubt, my biggest beauty asset is my smile (or so I’ve been told).  So I do everything I can to keep my pearlies shining, and my lips soft.  That includes using teeth whiteners — Yes, I admit it! I love my teeth white!

The latest thing to hit the market is the the Tanda Pearl which uses light therapy to whiten your teeth called an Ionic Teeth Whitening System.  It does the job without that dreaded sensitivity  that the regular bleaches often give.  It’s a little pricey, but I’ve actually paid more at the dentist for a similar treatment where they coat your teeth with gel and hold a special light over it.

The kit includes a reusable mouth tray device, the gel tubes and a storage case.  It’s being really well received and has even been on Dr. Oz.  One reviewer wrote, “I am very happy I gave this a try! the tray is so easy to use and extremely fast – 5 minutes treatment – goodbye 14 days of 30 minute strip treatments! I am very impressed with how great my teeth looks and was really quite amazed how I got absolutely no sensitivity. I am a FAN and would highly recommend trying it. “

I would love to hear from anyone else who has used this awesome product and given your self a smile so hot that it’s super nova!

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Laurel Smith