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Erase Dark Eye Circles

Erase Dark Eye Circles #beauty #makeupMy readers often ask me how to get rid of dark eye circles.  This is often the one thing that ages your appearance the most – more than wrinkles or gray hair!

There are many causes of dark eye circles, which often begin to appear with adulthood.  Fatigue is not always the cause. Often it is just shadows caused by puffy tissue around  your eyes. Try cold compresses, or sleeping with an extra pillow to reduce puffiness.

It could be hereditary – often dark eye circles run in families, or it could be caused by sun exposure. Always wear your sunscreen! Sunglasses with UV protection when you are spending  a lot of time out doors helps too.

Unfortunately, thinning skin around your eyes as you age is most often the cause. The thin skin is somewhat transparent and shows capillaries through it, giving it a darker bluish hue.  In this case, your only help is to hide them with cosmetics and camouflage! You will want to use a concealer (not a foundation) that has a peach tint, not white or gray.  Dab onto the area, don’t rub it on or smear it.

I have had good results with Maybelline Instant Age Rewind, which also contains sunscreen to protect further.  I prefer the “lightener” instead of the “brightener”, but it depends on how dark your circles are as to which color you want to get. The applicator is what does it for me. It’s a big spongy thing that minimizes having to use my finger pads for dabbing and covers a large area.

One more thing that may help is vitamin supplements or eye creams containing Brazilian suma which have had good results for naturally reducing dark circles.
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