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Eye Primer – What the heck is it?

Eye Primer #makeup #beautyEye primer (also eye brightener) can be used to lighten dark circles under and around your eyes, and also on your eyelids to better prime the skin surface for your eyeshadow color. It will make your eyeshadow color last much longer without clumping into the crease of your eye.  Eye primer will also protect your tender eye skin from sun damage which can cause even more darkening that you want to avoid.

I have been testing this product recently: Revlon Photoready Eye Primer & Brightener.  The product it self seems to do the trick, but for correcting dark circles, I prefer a spongy applicator rather than the brush type applicator this one provides.  However, if you are using it just for a primer on your lids, this applicator is perfect and does a wonderful job. For brightening you will need to dab carefully with your third or fourth fingertip being careful not to smear or you’ll have to start all over.   So go ahead, give your bright eyes a chance with this one.
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