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Bikini Wax 101

Bikini wax beauty tipsWhen it comes to ripping the hair out of your body, leave it to the professionals.  Although there are several decent products on the market that will allow you to “do it yourself,” waxing is something best done by the trained professionals. Some of us feel a little awkward about the experience, especially on the first visit to the spa, but the trip is well worth it. Please understand that the person providing this service is actually a trained professional and knows what he or she is doing. Be sure to ask questions and understand what you are asking for and what you are going to get.

There are different styles of waxing from eyebrows to legs to bikini to Brazilian. The most common are the Bikini wax and the Brazilian wax. You have choices when going in for either one, so be sure to discuss options and preferences with your waxer. In most spas, a Bikini wax removes the hair that would be visible if you were wearing a bikini. A Brazilian on the other hand comes in a few different styles. Most commonly, a waxing of this type will remove all of the hair from the small of your back to your belly button. No matter how much hair you would like removed or where, be sure to make your desires clear and allow your professional waxer to do his or her job.

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