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Shocking Hair Color Accent and Dip Dye

Our project was perfect for a rainy day in the first week of summer.  We added dazzling color accents to long hair.  The product we used was called Splat, which we bought at a local beauty supply store for about $10. It can also be found at many stores online such as Amazon.  The instructions were easy and the kit included the bleaching agent as well.

First thing we did was select the strand of hair to be colored. On our first brunette model we selected one strand of hair (it looks like two in the photo, but it just separated a little when she flipped her hair back). The hair was about 1/2 inch square on her scalp, and about an inch and a half above her ear. We did not want it in the very front, nor did we want it showing at her part.  Using the product in the kit, we bleached the entire strand all the way up the length of the hair to about 1/2 from the scalp. This would make it blend better from color to natural instead of a sharp cutoff if we had done it right at the scalp.

Today's project: Shocking summer hair color accents! #beautytips #hairWe folded tinfoil around the hair while we waited so that it wouldn’t get the product on the rest of her hair. Because her hair was so dark, it took the full hour for the bleach to lighten the hair.  Then we washed and dried it, and applied the color, also for the full length of time recommended.  The result was this girl-on-fire red hot streak of awesomeness!

Our next model beauty is middle school age beauty who only wanted the tips of her long locks dyed. This look is called a “Dip Dye” because it looks like you just dipped your hair into the color.  Her plan is to just trim off the ends when she wants to remove it when school starts up in the fall since her school dress code doesn’t allow artificial colors of hair expression!  Easy!  Her purple accents really grab a second look, and is especially cute with her long hair in a pony tail.

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