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Must-try Products

We all have our go-to products that travel with us, always are at our fingertips on the vanity, or that we recommend to friends without hesitating. Here are a few to keep in mind:

1. Neutrogena On the Spot acne treatment. This little tube is a lifesaver, especially for the blemish prone of us. At the first sign of a bump or blemish, dab on a dot, massage in completely, and go. It usually will eliminate the pimple in two to three applications. So if you see the zit Friday morning, it can be gone by Friday night. Amazing!

2. Revlon Blowdryer/Round brush Combo. I love this hair styling tool. It’s a handheld blow dryer with 2 different sized round brush attachments. It eliminates multiple steps in the hairstyling process by allowing you to dry and smooth or dry and curl at the same time with one hand. Whether you prefer smooth locks or big sexy curls, this is a must for everyday styling.

3. 5-Minute White teeth whitening system. This is an incredibly inexpensive and simple to use product. For less than $5 at most drug stores, you get the gel, tray, and pre-rinse. Add a little of the gel to the flexible rubber tray, insert it and go about the rest of your morning beauty routine. By the time your hair or make-up is done, your teeth are brighter and whiter than before.

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