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Pretty in Pink – Teen tips for applying blush

Smile big for those pretty pink cheeks! I’m talking about blush of course.

The easiest way to put blush on in the right spot is to smile. When you smile you can see that your cheeks get big and round, how pretty! Use a big brush with the blush on it and just brush it over your cheeks. Start at the edge of your cheek that is closest to your nose and swoosh it toward about an inch or two in front of your ear. Make sure most of the color is on your cheeks and not the side of your face.

To pick the right color just look in a mirror and decide what your skin tone is, light, fair, medium, olive, tan, brown, dark brown, or black. Then decide what color cheeks would stand out on your face without drawing all of the attention away from your eyes and lips. Your cheeks should be a subtle beauty, but there are many ways to add to that beauty.

To get defined cheekbones, smile put a hint of lightly colored bronzer in a ” U ” shape framing the bottom side of your cheeks. You can also add a hint of highlighter on the top side of your cheeks. Apply the blush last if you are adding in these extra steps.  Make sure it is all very blended!

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This is a guest post by Scarlett, my favorite teen beauty blogger! Great job!

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