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The Pits!

It’s summertime and the tank tops are being worn in all their sexy shapes and sizes. I love it! But I don’t love seeing a nasty arm pit on me or anyone else. Ladies, in addition to smelling lovely, those little pits should look as good as the rest of you. Make sure to keep the skin smooth. Arm pit hair grows in several directions, so be sure to shave in every possible direction in order to keep the area smooth.

For many, the skin under the arms can become dry and flaky due to a fungal or bacterial growth. If you find yourself with this condition, an over-the-counter anti-fungal cream applied daily to clean skin both in the morning and at night can remedy the situation.

f you are a sun-kissed goddess, PLEASE be sure to rest your hands on top of your head from time to time while soaking up rays to avoid that blinding white underarm area. Skin tone should be even from head to toe with the possible exception of a tan-line or two but only if from clothing. Finally, choose an antiperspirant/deodorant that doesn’t leave a white residue. Some products, like Dove’s radiance line, even offer nutrients to help improve skin while offering protection. So raise a toast to summertime and look good doing it!

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