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Ageless Hands

ageless handsMany people have those happy little lines starting to appear near the corners of their eyes, some even as early as their twenties. These little devils make frustrate some of us, but they don’t give away our age nearly as quickly as our hands. The skin on your hands is so very thin and delicate, yet most of us just take those paws for granted as being out-in-the-world-everyday tough. To help keep hands looking younger try these tips:

*While showering, use a gentle exfoliating body wash and actually scrub the backs of your hands.

*Use a moisturizer with sunscreen daily before leaving the house.

*Moisturize every time you wash your hands.

*At night, use an age-defying night cream/spot remover on your hands as part of your final bedtime routine.

If you treat your hands with as much TLC as you do your face, they will stop giving away your age and might even mislead some folks to find you much younger!

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