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Quick and Easy Hair

The most important tip for quick and easy hair is to allow your hair to be itself. The more we fight what nature has given us, the more frustrated we get and the longer our daily hairstyling routine takes. It’s just a rule of human nature to want what you don’t have sometimes and envy the perfect tresses of your best friend, but just remember that she is usually just as envious of your hair as you are of hers. Your hair is what it is, so start learning to work with it instead of against it.

Experiment once or twice on a day at home with this and see what you get. After your shower, gently comb out your hair, flip your head over, give it a gentle shake or finger toss, then flip it back over. Notice where it naturally wants to part and land and go from there. No matter what your hair type, take a little dab of Biosilk and work it through you hair, starting at the ends. Allow your hair to air dry and see what you get. Learning how to use this as your starting point and accentuating your natural beauty will take significant time off your daily beauty routine. Plus, a natural beauty is always more attractive.

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