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Smooth Shaving

shaving tipsI’m not sure who decided that smooth, hair-free legs were the sexy way to go, but it is the standard now. I do love the way my legs feel just after a good shave, but the process of getting those soft, smooth stems isn’t always as pleasant. Start with quality products that you are comfortable with. Choose a razor with wire guards and a lubricating strip of some kind. Make sure the grip is comfortable for you. Then choose a shaving lotion, cream, gel that you like. Most products are created equally, so just pick one.

I actually prefer to shave with hair conditioner rather than a shaving cream. It seems to condition and moisturize my skin better and is A LOT cheaper per use. Always allow your hair/skin to soak in warm water for a few minutes before you begin shaving. Shaving in the opposite direction of the hair growth will earn you a closer shave. Go slowly, pay attention, and be sure to moisturize when you are finished.

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