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Eye Makeup for Super-Heroines

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There is no doubt that Halloween is a time to go all out on your makeup!  No need to be shy or conservative. You are going for the ultra dramatic effects, so don’t try to downplay it at all. You are all in if you want to look your best for this special night.  Check out the examples in the photo below.

If you are going to as a super heroine, then you want to take a look at the comic book version of your heroine before you put on your makeup.  Dark sharp lines usually help play it up, along with very dramatic colors and ultra-dramatic accents.  Feel free to darken your eyebrows and draw your bright shadow colors from your lids all the way out your brows.

This is also a great time to experiment with false eyelashes to really make your super hero’s peepers explode off your face.  Liquid eyeliner  or a dark eyeliner pencil can really help draw in some of the details.

Some heroines have small masks as part of their costume. It might be a good idea to paint a mask onto your face, rather than wear an actual mask. It will have the dramatic look you want and be much more comfortable than maneuvering a mask over your other makeup.

If you’re looking for a good time to debut a new piece of body jewelry, this is also a perfect opportunity.  Being in character often gives you courage to try something new for your look, and introduce it into your beauty regimen. Whatever you do, this is no time to be shy.

Be a superstar with your makeup and your whole look. The details make all the difference.

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