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Shimmery Diamond Makeup tips

Compliment your smile by making your eyes sparkle like diamonds.  Glitter makeup products around your eyes for special occasions can make the occasion even more special.  Glitter or sparkling appliques are actually quite easy to apply. In fact, you really can’t go wrong, because the whole look is kind of over the top anyway.

Make sure your skin is moisturized before you begin. Apply all of your foundation and concealer that is needed.  Then it’s time to start on the eyes.

Begin with a dramatic eyeliner and then go for bright eyeshadow colors on your lid.  Don’t apply your mascara just yet, otherwise you will have it stuck all in your eyelashes.   Now you are ready for the glitter.  Apply it to the brow area and along your temple and cheeks if you are really going all out.  Be sure to add just a touch under your lower lash about two thirds of the way out, but not in the inner corner of your eye since that will make you appear too crosseyed.

If you are applying rhinestones to your skin, do not use your fingers. Use a swab or a q-tip for a more precise application.  Rhinestones often look good under the eye along the cheekbone. You can even do one eye for a more dramatic effect.  Once you have applied your glitter, you are now ready for a thick dramatic coat of mascara.  Make sure your lips are super glossy and shiny as well.

Finally, compliment the entire look with some  synthetic diamond rings to complete your entire outfit like these moissanites.  These are so beautiful, and will look great on you! Nothing glitters like diamonds!

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